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All information about Customer Data Platforms can be found here


All information about Customer Data Platforms can be found here


Investing in a CDP system?
Optimize your selection process here – independently.

The trend is unmistakable. Customer journey personalization is key to success. Investing in a CDP - Customer Data Platform - does not tolerate delay.
What does a CDP provide for your specific business and how do you work your way through the immense range? Take effective steps with Boost your business with a platform that respects your customers. Your selection process starts here in the CDP community.
CDP solutions
Why a CDP?

CDP takes Ecommerce and Marketing Automation to the next dimension. Personalization of the customer journey is central. A CDP system generates ultimate customer profiles.

Why now?

Personalization in Ecommerce can only succeed with an optimally accessible, central customer database. A CDP system is the beating marketing heart of your future business.


You invest money and time. Choose a CDP system that supports your processes and strategy. Now and tomorrow. will guide you through the many providers of CDP solutions. Independently.

A Customer Data Platform provides you with a central, self-learning database. This makes personalization in Ecommerce and Online Marketing a reality. Finally!
Staying competitive? Learn about the systems and possibilities now. How do you assess whether a CDP system suits your requirements? And how do you assess the quality of generated and clustered customer data?
A journey through the CDP landscape requires a solid plan with clear goals, benchmarks and outcomes. Our community guides you through the landscape, points out possible problems, and maps out the options. Your wishes and specifications are leading.

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