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All information about Customer Data Platforms can be found here


All information about Customer Data Platforms can be found here


Investing in a CDP system?
Optimize your selection process here – independently.

The trend is unmistakable. Customer journey personalization is key to success. Investing in a CDP - Customer Data Platform - does not tolerate delay.
What does a CDP provide for your specific business and how do you work your way through the immense range? Take effective steps with Boost your business with a platform that respects your customers. Your selection process starts here in the CDP community.
CDP solutions
Why a CDP?

CDP takes Ecommerce and Marketing Automation to the next dimension. Personalization of the customer journey is central. A CDP system generates ultimate customer profiles.

Why now?

Personalization in Ecommerce can only succeed with an optimally accessible, central customer database. A CDP system is the beating marketing heart of your future business.


You invest money and time. Choose a CDP system that supports your processes and strategy. Now and tomorrow. will guide you through the many providers of CDP solutions. Independently.

A Customer Data Platform provides you with a central, self-learning database. This makes personalization in Ecommerce and Online Marketing a reality. Finally!
Staying competitive? Learn about the systems and possibilities now. How do you assess whether a CDP system suits your requirements? And how do you assess the quality of generated and clustered customer data?
A journey through the CDP landscape requires a solid plan with clear goals, benchmarks and outcomes. Our community guides you through the landscape, points out possible problems, and maps out the options. Your wishes and specifications are leading.

The Role of AI in Composable CDPs: 4 Innovations to Watch

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Introduction: Understanding Composable CDPs A Configurable Customer Dates Platform (CDP) is a system that collects, organizes and activates customer data from various sources to [...]

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