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Online personalization is
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Can't you see the forest through the trees? Go for a safe selection process.

What Amazon, Facebook and Google can do, you can now do too: personalize the customer journey down to the last detail. The technology of the current generation of Customer Data Platforms is now accessible to any type of Ecommerce and IT system. B2C and B2B. Personalization of the customer journey is becoming the new AI-driven intelligent reality.
From inventory to implementation support
However… With the demand for CDP solutions, the supply is also increasing. More than 230 suppliers/vendors are already active. How do you assess this and how do you make a responsible selection? Our CDP community can help you. From the inventory and pre-selection to support with implementation and activation.
But now first: the inventory
Your journey starts with a thorough organization of your wishes, possibilities and strategic principles. Do this carefully because this phase is essential.
CDP solutions

Present the specific wishes and possibilities to the customer dates for your company. Get independent advice when you need help. Inviting suppliers doesn't help, because they have only one goal: to sell! According to them, anything is possible, but that is often not the complete truth.

Compare and Select

Using your functional specifications as a guideline, you make a pre-selection in our selection tool CDP solutions that suit your business. With or without help, you step by step make a final selection from the various suppliers and their implementation parties.

Support & Activation

When selecting, you also look closely at the aftersales services and support of the CDP suppliers. Seek expert support during the preparations, remain actively involved in the design and ensure successful activation.

A CDP system boosts your business.
Our community will help you make this important selection. Independent!

CDP.solutions guides you to the best solution. Efficient, expert and independent.

Each CDP solution offers its own mix of unique features. Each CDP solution has its own price. Every CDP solution is the most suitable solution for your business… at least if you go by what the providers promise. Do not rely on one-sided information. Orientate yourself on the wide range. Get to know more than 230 CDP solutions and its suppliers. Watch and compare. Then take that one, decisive step. Get independent advice. Our community will make you wiser.
The ultimate goal: personalizing the customer journey.
Base: a central, integrated Customer Data Platform.
Organize the customer journey with 360⁰ customer profiles. Let the identity and behavior of your customers determine relevant, personal communication and offers. Put your customers first!

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