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Twilio Segment
Segment is one of the world's best known CDP solutions. The solution offers an easy way to build good 360-degree customer profiles and deploy them in marketing campaigns, real-time online personalization and data-based recommendations. Segment is used by large and medium-sized companies. It is seen in many companies as accessible to both IT and users.

Logo Optimove

Optimove works with customer data based on the "science first" principle. The unique technology ensures that Optimove has little data contamination. The suite consists of a full-fledged CDP at its core, along with user-friendly modules which can be used, for example, to orchestrate omni-channel campaigns. Optimove also has predictive models based on customer data combined with Machine Learning and AI.


The American Tealium has been an important player in the field of Customer Data and Online Personalization for years. Meanwhile the Tealium Suite consists of multiple components such as a Real CDP, DMP and Online Personalisation tools. Tealium is especially meant for large multinational organizations that want to distribute all their data through the Universal Data Hub.

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