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A Customer Data Platform makes online communication personal


What is a CDP system?
A central customer database for the personalization of the optimal customer journey.

what is a cdp system
With a Customer Data Platform you create a central, integrated database.
You have direct access to dynamic customer profiles, composed of general data, historical purchase data, search and click patterns and real-time interaction.
You have an inexhaustible resource to personalize the customer journey.
Personalized content
AI, self-learning algorithms and advanced marketing and Ecommerce tools give you powerful options to instantly translate customer behavior into personalized content.
Personalized offers
The right CDP directs and personalizes your online offer, provides relevant recommendations and increases the number of profitable transactions.
CDP solutions
Grip on customer data

A CDP is a centralized customer database. The merger of dates that generates dynamic 360⁰ customer profiles from various physical and digital sales channels.

Progress: 100% grip through one central database.

Innovative tools

CDPs incorporate innovative sales and marketing tools. AI and algorithms control these tools from dynamic data profiles, which you can enrich with external data if desired.

Progress: full-fledged customer profiles.

Ultimate personalization

Your CDP dashboard provides 24/7 insight into up-to-date customer profiles, real-time interactions and the Customer Lifecycle Value. You can act automatically with relevant content and offers.

Progress: ultimate personalization.

Does the essential personalization of the customer journey suffer from fragmented data collection and data analysis?
Is the integral overview missing and is personalization hardly applied?
Customer Data Platforms stop the fragmentation. All disciplines - marketing, sales, IT, process management - gain access to one easily accessible database.
Up-to-date customer profiles, AI, algorithms and advanced tools form a powerful combination for personalizing and optimizing content, promotions, product suggestions and offers. In real time, data-driven. Ecommerce and online marketing are experiencing their next dimension.

Ready for the next dimension?

A CDP System also improves your business success.

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