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Many (Ecommerce) organizations are on the eve of radical changes. Better communication with customers is also part of this transition. A central Customer Data Platform (CDP) is then a logical step. It is a solid investment that heralds a new way of communicating with customers. The range of CDP solutions is large and diverse and is still growing. How do you select the most effective CDP? CDP.SOLUTIONS, a new online knowledge network, guides you through pitfalls and obstacles to the ultimate solution.

They have been around for a while, but the selection and application of Customer Data Platforms (CDP) are taking off. Logical, because the personalization of the customer journey is the most urgent challenge in the dynamic Ecommerce playing field. With the rapidly growing interest in Customer Data Platforms, the number of suppliers and systems is increasing rapidly. Selecting the product / supplier combination that optimally supports your data and personalization strategy is a customer journey in itself - as challenging as it is complicated. CDP.SOLUTIONS is your online guide.

Finally insight into the overwhelming range of CDP solutions

CDP.Solutions is an information and consultancy hub, built on years of experience in Ecommerce related IT and Marketing Automation solutions. The hub, recently launched, is primarily intended to provide insight into the overwhelming supply of CDP suppliers. They are given the opportunity to present products, which the visitor can then compare and evaluate.

CDP.Solutions not only offers the unique opportunity to compare providers and products, but also to match expectations and wishes with realistic possibilities and to generate advice and support during the selection process. The hub identifies and indicates the latest developments around CDP, provides tools for making a preselection and offers the option of making direct contact with specialists. At CDP.Solutions you can literally put the wide range along your personal Ecommerce yardstick.

A world of customer data in one warehouse

The Customer Data Platform, which first surfaced in 2016, puts an end to the dispersed collection, storage and processing of customer data. It is a central, dynamic data warehouse that not only generates historical and general customer data, as is currently the case in existing Data Management Platforms (CRM systems), but also registers and analyzes real-time customer behavior. All customer data and behavior that different systems generate during the customer journey, online and offline, are integrated and automatically deployed to personalize the customer journey.

With this, the world of Ecommerce is entering a new phase. Because the sharper you can respond to very specific consumer needs and behaviors during the customer journey, the greater the chance of a profitable transaction at the end of the sales funnel. It is not for nothing personalization the new holy grail in Ecommerce. Where the customer journey that is down to the finest detail is currently only reserved for the biggest players in Ecommerce, with expensive systems, CDP opens the way for the entire sector.

CDP.Solutions matches wishes and expectations with possibilities

There is a lot involved in the selection, purchase and implementation of a CDP. It takes a serious investment and the move to a centralized data warehouse affects all aspects of your business - the technology, the sales and distribution processes, and the online marketing strategy. The range of CDPs is diverse, from systems with a limited number of basic functionalities to all-in-ones systems. The selection phase raises many questions. Which data do you want to collect, identify, check and match? Which CDP can be integrated quickly and effectively with existing systems and tools and with third-party systems? Are privacy, security and compliance guaranteed? What are the periodic costs for maintenance and updates?

There is little doubt that the switch to a centralized and integrated customer data warehouse should be made. It is also clear that this cannot be delayed too long. After all, the level of competition in Ecommerce is unprecedented and the personalization of the customer journey is an absolute precondition for staying in the race. But how do you choose the CDP that does justice to your personalization and online marketing strategy in every way and that fits seamlessly into existing systems? The journey begins on CDP.Solutions



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